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LIke to dance? Like upbeat music? I compiled a playlist of music (a few current hits and a few throwbacks) that will most definitely get you up on your feet. Click the links, listen, and soak up some summer vibes.

Talk Dirty: Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz

Am I Wrong: Nico & Vinz


Work: Iggy Azalea

Crazy in Love: Beyonce


1, 2, Step: Ciara ft. Missy Elliot

Problem: Ariana Grande ft Iggy Azalea


Pon de Replay: Rihanna

Stronger: Kayne West


RIP: Rita Ora ft. Tinie Tempah


Tumblr Themes Top 5 Closet Essentials

The Maxi Skirt:

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you lack the energy to put together a, well, put together, look. Maybe its early in the morning and you’re headed to work or maybe you’ve spent too much time watching a Law and Order SVU marathon. Whatever the reason- a maxi skirt is the perfect thing to throw on. My go to is a black basic maxi skirt. It’s classy, stylish, and (best of all) takes no more than 5 minutes to style and then run out the door. Plus, some of them have pockets! I love pockets!

StyleTip: Tie a knot in the corner of one of the edges of the skirt. It’ll leave you with an effortlessly chic look. 

The High-Waisted Jean

If there was one piece of apparel I could not live without, it would be high waisted jeans. I used to live in them, and I’m not even kidding. I had 5 pairs of the same jeans, just so I could wear them every day of the week. It was a problem. I’ve finally toned down my denim addiction, but the high-waisted jeans are still a staple in my wardrobe. They can be dressed up or dressed down.You can wear them with tennies, pumps, sandals, or boots. High-waisted jeans are versatile and incredibly flattering ( seriously, they make your butt look amazing). 

StyleTip: High-waisted jeans with pumps, a boyfriend v-neck and a Blazer make for a perfect look for brunch with the girls. 


Little White Dress

It aint all about the little black dress anymore y’all. Chanel will always be in fashion, but sometimes you just need to mix it up. A black dress can so easily go from fab to funeral- and that is not a good thing. Little white dresses are light, sweet, and always classy. They’re perfect for summer and can lighten up winter looks too. Never wear white after labor day, my arse. A white dress is wearable all year long. 

StyleTip: Pair a little white dress with a leather jacket or tough looking “bad-girl” accessories. In fashion, contrast is everything.



Black Heels

As a 5’9” girl living in a world filled with mostly shorties, it’s pretty rare that I find myself wearing heels. But I can’t deny how fantastic they make my legs (and bum) look. So, even though wearing heels makes me taller than my boyfriend, and makes it nearly impossible to dance, I’ve been trying to add them to my wardrobe (much to the dismay of my ankles). So whether you have 30 pairs of Louboutin’s or one pair of pumps from Payless- have something. Have a pair of shoes that you can throw on, look in the mirror, and think “DAMN I look good”.

ProTip: If you go out to drink or dance- keep your shoes on. If you take off your shoes, your feet will swell, which makes the shoes about 10 times more uncomfortable when you put them back on. 

Find Your Own Signature “Thing”

It doesn’t matter what it is- but find your thing, and stick to it. For me, it’s leather detailing. I love wearing leather paneled leggings, bomber jackets, shorts, anything with leather (usually faux) on it. Sometimes it takes years to find your style: so experiment! That’s what being young is for! And guess what?! it doesn’t matter if it changes, hell next year my thing could be Zebra Print, and that’s fine too! So if your thing is headbands, blazers, denim, or prints: go with it. That’s why I love fashion- because it gives us an opportunity to express ourselves. 



Remember y’all, fashion is not just about following current trends- it’s about following (pardon the cheese) your heart . Everyone has a different style- and things that look great on the hanger don’t always look great on you. Every person is different, inside and out. Try to not follow trends religiously, because coming up with your own “thing” is half the fun of fashion.

Tumblr Themes When in doubt… clean and reorganize?

A very wise person once told me “your space reflects your brain- if your room is cluttered and chaotic, your mind will be also”. As I stared at my mess of a room this morning, I remembered that quote and realized that I needed to do something about this. 

I like to call my living style “artistic”- which basically means I try to keep things clean-ish but that there’s not really a place for anything. That was do-able when I lived on my own- but you combine both my boyfriend and I’s clutter and it turns into complete chaos. 

Though to the outsider I look pretty clean cut and put together, my family and close friends will tell you that I can be extremely scatterbrained. Its a blessing and a curse, the way I am allows me to be very carefree and artistic and genuine, but it can make me be a little (or a lot) messy. 

After doing some reading and (an extreme) amount of Pinterest browsing, I decided that the best thing to do was to try to be as minimalist as possible. I got rid of a bunch of clothes, I put a whole lot more clothes into storage, and I began to reimagine my space. 

Though I’m still on the lookout for a couple more pieces to add to my room, I already feel ten times more calm and put together. My room still has a ways to go- but it’s a whole hell of a lot better then what it was before.

Tumblr Themes Summertime Sadness? Lana del rey had it right.

Every year when summer rolls around I tell myself three things 

  • Remember to wear sunscreen- because your alabaster skin hasn’t seen the light of day in 9 months (thank you Oregon)
  • Put away your 50 jackets, that fur jacket isn’t leaving your house anytime soon.
  • Stay calm, I’m sure this is the year they started making cute swimsuits for women more endowed in the chest department

Another summer is here, and yet again, it seems like the swimsuit selection for D+ boobs leaves a lot to be desired (especially if you’re on a budget). Sure I could go to Victorias Secret and spend 60 dollars on a bikini top, but who has that kind of money? Not I. So I tried to go out and search the great beyond (aka the internet) and see if I could find something that was cute, flattering, and didnt make me cry to purchase.

Looking around online I found very little. Where were the bikini tops with cut outs, the wild patterns, the neoprene tops (I’m talking to you Triangl Swim)?!. I was seeing a couple of things here and there, but most seemed more than a little bit granny. I want to feel hip and confident while I’m at the beach or a pool, not like its laundry day and I’m wearing my only period panties and my only leftover bra.

It looks like (for now atleast) I’ll be wearing a swimsuit top from my local Target along with some high waisted swim bottoms from ASOS. The swimsuit top isn’t my size, and itll probably look a little hoochie mama, but at least I’ll be confident.. right?

One thing is for sure, I’ll keep scouring the internet (and summer sales) until I find a top that is not only cute but fits like a dream too. I mean, a girl can’t survive with only one swimsuit…right?


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